Bringing Google's Pre-College
CS Program to Universities
CSSI-Extension brings Google’s pre-college Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) program to partnering institutions.
What is CSSI-Extension?

CSSI-Extension is inspired by Google’s long standing CSSI program, but independently run by university faculty on their college campus in partnership with Google. CSSI-Extension exposes rising freshmen to key computer science (CS) concepts. Over three weeks they are given the knowledge and tools to tackle challenging CS problems, culminating in a team project to create an application that they present to their cohort.

By running CSSI for over ten years, we have found that students who have more support and exposure to CS concepts before entering college are more likely to succeed during their CS college pursuits.

CSSI-Extension Goals

  • Engage and develop more students in tech and increase interest, enrollment and retention in CS.
  • Enable students to build a foundation in CS and apply core concepts in a group environment before they start their freshman year.
  • Teach relevant soft skills for academic and real world applications.
  • Grow student passion and excitement for CS.
  • Share industry trends, including recruiting preparation to help faculty advise students in their technical pursuits.

CSSI-Extension Includes

  • A training week (“train-the-trainer”) at Google’s headquarters for the lead faculty member(s) managing/teaching CSSI curriculum at their institution.
  • A review of, and access to, the CSSI curriculum.
  • A toolkit that is dedicated to explaining how to implement the program.
  • Consultation with Googlers on executing the program.
  • An invitation to shadow one day of a Google run CSSI program.


In a rush? Here are the essentials you need to know about becoming a CSSI-Extension site.


Exposing students to common programming languages, soft skills training and a community of support.

Program Length

The curriculum is designed to be used over 3 weeks, typically as a summer program.


CSSI-Extension campuses will receive access to the CS curriculum which is taught at Google’s CSSI.

Class Size

The program is designed to be interactive. Google recommends a 10:1 student-to-teacher (or TA) ratio.

Data Collection

Google provides CSSI-Extension campuses with tools to collect data and gather feedback.

Key Players

A Lead Technical Instructor (CS department), TA(s), and a Program Manager from each campus.
Program Content

The CSSI-Extension program focuses on three core areas to prepare students for their first year studying CS in College, to form a community of like-minded students and to build awareness of personal, educational and professional opportunities.

Technical Exposure

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • AppEngine

Community Building

  • Ice Breakers
  • Social Activities
  • Relationship Building
  • Online Community Access

College Success Preparation

  • Guide to a Technical Career
  • Resume Workshop
  • Mock Technical Interviews
  • Presenting with Confidence

Faculty Perspective

Watch this video to see what faculty members say about their experience with the program.

Next Steps

If you've read through this site and represent a US-based university interested in becoming a CSSI-Extension site, click on the button below to fill in an application for our team to review!